I've never bothered to get lost in the canon of Tekken, but I imagine there is far more drama to it than the exposition behind Street Fighter's attempts at justifying its fights. The father/son feud between series hero Kazuya and his villain father Heihachi grounds the series with an emotional anchor not found in most of its rival franchises, and it has been center stage ever since the first game.

This extra grip makes even casual fans like myself break out in goosebumps when watching the opening cinematic of Tekken 7 unravel in front of our eyes. All the rage, all the years of bitterness, all of the times Heihachi never built his son a treehouse come to a peak in this ridiculous, over-the-top introduction that plays every time you turn the game on.

It's no "Edge of the Soul" by any means, but watching this and knowing the history between these two men really makes me hyped to play some Tekken 7. In other words, it does its job. Excellent intro, and I might let it play through its entirety every once in a while when turning the game on.

Tekken 7 launches in Japanese arcades next week on Feb. 18. No word on a console port just yet.