Tekken Camera

Time for one of those "Oh yeah? Why hasn't this been done before?" moments.

Fighting games have always pit two characters against one another, one facing left and one facing right. However, Tekken 7 is about to change that rule thanks to a new camera system that allows both characters to face the same direction!

When connecting two separate consoles or arcade decks together, Tekken 7 will allow both players have the option to start facing right, which is usually considered more advantageous. The match is mirrored onto the other player's screen thanks to another camera placed on the opposite side of the imaginary plane, showing everything that is happening backwards!

It's like magic! Makes you wonder, why haven't we done this before? Was the technology not quite there yet? I would hope that other fighting games would follow suit, but I suppose this is only possible in 3D fighting games. Street Fighter is not home to 3D stages, and it would be impossible to render the background from the players viewpoint.

Tekken 7 will be released for arcades this spring in Japan.