Tekken has always had an interesting lineup of characters when it comes to designs, ranging from pretty normal fighting game fare like Jin Kazama up through guys like the leopard-headed wrestler, King.

Weirder than anyone else, though, is Yoshimitsu. In the beginning he looked a bit like some sort of Japanese demon, with a face resembling the Oni masks used in Japanese Noh theater. He’s gotten progressively more alien over the years, but now, for Tekken 7, he’s just gone full “betentacled Xenomorph.” The moveset looks to be similar to what he’s had in the past, but the look is completely different.

He’s had a different look in each game, of course – check out the gallery below for some of his looks over the years – but this version seems like the biggest departure yet.

What do you think of Yoshimitsu’s new look? Is this a fun evolution, or too far off the rails?

Tekken 7 is only headed to arcades currently, but expected to hit at least one of the two major consoles eventually.