Raise your hand if you didn’t see this one coming so we can all laugh at you! Bandai Namco has confirmed that its smash arcade hit Tekken 7 will be getting a home console release on the PlayStation 4. Dodging the recent trend started by rival Street Fighter V though, it will also be released for the Xbox One, granting the userbase access to a quality Japanese fighter.

During Sony’s Paris Games Week conference on Tuesday, series producer Katsuhiro Harada showed off a nostalgic trailer celebrating 20 years of the series’ history. Afterwards, he claimed that PlayStation 4 players would be getting “special” content with their version, and that it will also support the PlayStation VR headset.

Ohhh, my stomach.

With the Tekken franchise celebrating its 20th anniversary; the newest chapter of the series returns to its gameplay roots with classic 1 vs 1 bouts and its canon storyline centered on the eternal struggle for power amongst the members of the Mishima clan. With newcomer Kazumi Mishima joining the fight, the epic battle between father and son, and also husband and wife, will come to its fated conclusion in Tekken 7.

Bandai Namco doesn’t have a release date for Tekken 7 just yet, but my guess is that it won’t be far off from the release of Street Fighter V on Feb. 16. The game has been a runaway success on the arcade scene in Japan as predicted, so hopefully it does just as well around the world. No need to give Capcom a head start.