NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3 processor powers the current generation Microsoft Surface RT, so it seems like a natural fit for Microsoft to sign NVIDIA on again for the next-generation Surface. Digitimes expects NVIDIA to become a go-to player in the Surface RT market, and believes that the firm's next-generation Tegra 4 chip will indeed be tapped to power the second-generation Surface RT.

"Since Nvidia has a long history of cooperation with Microsoft in terms of graphics and GPGPU computing technologies, while demand for GPU computing has started to weigh heavier, these advantages are all expected to help Nvidia become competitive in the Windows RT market," Digitimes Research analyst Eric Lin said.

Lin believes NVIDIA may also struggle to build and ecosystem for the NVIDIA Project Shield gaming device, however, which is a bit bizarre since it will run PC games and Android games. In other words, a media ecosystem is already well established.