The iPhone is the most popular smartphone…with kids. That’s according to Piper Jaffray’s “Teen Survey” in which thousands of kids were asked which smartphone they own. The winner was the iPhone by a landslide.

According to the survey, 82-percent of teenagers own an iPhone. That figure is up from last fall’s survey, which pegged teen iPhone ownership at 78-percent. The survey doesn’t get into the possible reasons for these numbers, but it bodes very well for Apple.

During the survey, teens were asked which phone they plan to own next, and 84-percent said it would be the iPhone. An unexpected perk of the iPhone’s popularity with teens is the growing appeal of the Apple Watch. 20-percent of the teens surveyed said they plan on buying an Apple Watch in the next six months.

Interest in the iPhone among teens has seen vast growth in the past few years. Back in 2014, the survey found 60-percent of teens owned an iPhone. 

Here’s how the Teen Survey tracks over the past four years.

  • Spring 2014: 60-percent
  • Fall 2014: 68-percent
  • Spring 2015: 66-percent
  • Fall 2015: 68-percent
  • Spring 2016: 69-percent
  • Fall 2016: 74-percent
  • Spring 2017: 76-percent
  • Fall 2017: 78-percent
  • Spring 2018: 82-percent

By that metric, it doesn’t look as though teens’ preference for the iPhone will end anytime soon.