You know, if Duck Hunt was a game released today, I'd like to think that Nintendo would have the foresight to track all the shots fired at the laughing dog in frustration. The count would be off the charts, folks. I probably shot at that dog hundreds of times growing up. Him and his stupid giggles.

The "React" series on YouTube from REACT has published a video that pits today's teens against yesterday's Duck Hunt, complete with the orange and gray zapper that haunted our youth. I had friends with a more gray and red zapper, oddly enough. Not sure why Nintendo released two versions, and that always confused me.

This kids are great in the clip. They hate the dog as much as I did, and it seems like they're genuinely having fun with Duck Hunt. The addictive shooter actually managed to make an appearance at several college parties I wandered into roughly a decade ago (woof, a decade!?), and that was always awesome.

Anyone else have fond memories of shooting the dog in Duck Hunt?