The 17-year old tough guy who deleted the characters of an 11-year old friend of a friend has broken his silence on the issue speaking with Game Informer. Wouldn't you believe it, he says he did it because he "thought it would be pretty funny."

If you remember earlier this week, a fifth-grade boy was suddenly without two of his Destiny characters after loaning his account to username "KirmitTHEfrog" via the PlayStation 4's Share Play. However, Game Informer was also able to confirm that the owner of the account was innocent after recovering from a car collision and being too medicated on painkillers to do the deed.

Instead, the real culprit was uncovered in the most juvenile way possible. The account's owners mother found him out through activity on

Speaking to Game Informer, the 17-year old showed little remorse in his explanation, recounting how he had done it several times, might possibly do it again if he feels like it, and even told those infuriated with his actions to "suck it up." The most telling comment comes in reaction to the death threats the account owner has received.

"It's just human nature. People get pissed on the internet and say what they want. It's unfortunate."

If you ask me, this dude needs a little time away from the his digital alter-ego. His lack of empathy towards real human beings points to an inner confidence might be comparable to a BB pellet. His responses show all the sociopathic symptoms of a rotten sect of a generation spoiled by its anonymity on the Internet, and his heart is hardened after one too many flame wars and ego-battles with others in the gaming crowd.

Take a step back, brother, and let it go. One of the biggest and best decisions I made in my life was deciding never to angrily post on forums again after an entire college life was wasted on meaningless Internet battles. I don't think it's any coincidence that I made more friends in the following year than I had ever had in my entire life, and I was able to become a much more productive and happy adult.

That was when I was 22. Don't waste those five years annoying, trolling, and battling people you will never meet. You'll never get that time back.