If French developer Spiders can capitalize on the potential the demo of their action RPG Technomancer displayed during their hands-off E3 session, they might have an interesting game on their hands.

As it is now, it feels a bit like a budget Witcher. The main character is even part of a class of genetically modified individuals both admired and reviled for their special abilities.

The demo we checked out focused primarily on combat and skill structure. There are a few different fighting styles for different situations, including a two-handed staff, a mace and shield, and a knife and gun combination. Each of these can be used as pure melee or combined with special technomancer powers.

The combat looks pretty good, but it’s hard to tell if it’s enough to make the game stand out. There are skill trees for each of the styles with plenty to upgrade. There’s lots of crafting available as well, with each item on your character able to be crafted to suit your preferred look and playstyle, and it sounds like up to five companions’ gear can be customized as well.

The presentation was pretty light on story, but the game takes place on Mars after a struggle for water. The setting is probably the most interesting element for me, as I have a huge weakness for Mars-related stuff, but we didn’t get to see much of how big or open the world is and how much room for exploration of open spaces there will be.

The story we did hear about is, unfortunately, pretty generic. The struggle for water idea is cool, but the main character has a secret, and technomancers have a secret, and there are some warring factions, and none of this stands out at a glance. If Spiders can figure out how to make the concept stand out a bit more, they have a good base for a game.

Technomancer is set to release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One sometime in 2016.