Music’s got the Grammys, movies have the Oscars, and Twitter…well I guess Twitter’s got the Shorty Awards.  The Shorty Awards help honor some of the best people and organizations on Twitter, voted on by the Twitter community.  If you checked out the site, you may have noticed a pretty familiar face floating around.  Thanks to your help, our very own Jon Rettinger has managed to snag a spot in the finals.  Any clue where I’m going with this?

Winners of the Shorty Awards are determined by the Twitter community.  Finalists have been named and it’s going to get crazy.  From now until Friday at noon pacific time, Twitterers can vote for any of the final six nominees wherein the winner will be decided based on number of votes on Twitter and by members of the Real-Time Academy of Short Form Arts & Sciences.  Around March 3rd, winners for each category will be flown out to New York City to attend an award ceremony to accept their prize.

For the last month or so, fans have been tweeting and retweeting their support, pushing Jon into one of the top technology spots.  Without asking, I’m certain he appreciates the outpouring support while you’ve helped make TechnoBuffalo an overwhelming success.  TechnoBuffalo continues to thrive as you, our loyal readers and writers, produce and consume the amazing content that keeps so many visitors coming back for more.  As such, we’ve got some great improvements in the works to help get more of your fantastic content featured, earning you some much-deserved exposure.

Even if you’re an non-regular visitor, you’ve undoubtedly enjoyed and learned from the content that has helped boost Jon to ceWEBrity status. (Seriously, you should see the paparazzi waiting outside his door.)  So let’s keep this as simple as possible.  If you think Jon has brought you an ounce of knowledge, advice, or laughter and you’d like to give it back twofold, here’s what you can do:

Using your Twitter account, voice your support for Jon or any of the other finalists you find deserving with a variation on the following:

I vote for @Jon4Lakers for a Shorty Award in #tech because…

You’re not a robot, let’s add some substance.  Maybe he produces your favorite content, changes your opinion, offers you insight, or has a big ass knife.  The only thing that matters is that it’s true.  In no way should you feel obligated to participate.   Votes are only counted once per user so if you’ve already voted, it didn’t go unappreciated!


There you have it, a remix of shameless self-promotion.  Although this doesn’t directly benefit myself, the exposure that it will bring to TechnoBuffalo and all of our content cannot be bought. (Our content includes yours.)  We now return you to your irregularly scheduled program.

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