Driving is an activity worse than most things. Think of a terrible situation you've experienced—driving is likely worse. Getting your license is considered a privilege, but in some corners of the world it's a curse, a necessary evil that can crush a person's spirit in a matter of seconds. It's dreadful, frustrating, boring, infuriating. And it's all your fault.

For some reason, people behind the wheel suddenly turn into the worst kind of person: someone who is aggressive, confrontational, entitled, and worse, oblivious. It's like they're in their own little world in their car, and the world somehow centers around them. I run into bad drivers on a daily basis, and I often wonder how they passed their driving exam in the first place. The DMV should really have stricter policies for who does and does not get a license.

If you have a license, chances are you feel the same way about other drivers. We can go on all day about people that are incapable of making a simple turn, or parking their massive SUV. But we're keeping it short and sweet. Check out the full video for Jon's thoughts on how to be a better driver, and don't forget to check out more episodes of TechnoBuffalo's Driven on the Tech Feed channel on YouTube.