They say driving is a privilege, but it can seem like a terrible chore at times. Here in Southern California, the traffic is atrocious, and often times driving a few miles can take much, much longer than it should. While we can't take all the bad drivers off the road, what if technology created a world where there was no such thing as a bad driver? That's why the idea of a self-driving car is so exciting, and also terrifying.

Self-driving cars seem like an idea rooted in science fiction, but they're actually more real than you think. Google has been at the forefront of the self-driving revolution, demonstrating its technology and experiencing no accidents all the while. We've also seen technology that allows cars to park themselves, and Audi took that idea and went even further earlier this year.

There are certainly situations where self-driving cars seem ideal, but will it completely replace how we operate vehicles right now? If I could choose, I'd go with a self-driving car any day of the week. Commuting to work fives time a week can get pretty exhausting, especially when actually getting there should take around 20 minutes, when in reality it's more like 45 minutes or longer. But then, the whole fun of driving is completely eliminated. Can you steal a self-driving car?

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