At TechnoBuffalo we're always striving to be a voice for technology fans.  We do that through our articles, reviews and videos.  We know that many of you in the Herd like to express your opinions through our comments. Then there are those of you that ask how to get started in tech journalism.

User-submitted content has been a part of TechnoBuffalo since its early beginnings.  We'd like to make a push to revitalize this underused feature of the website.  So we're asking you to submit your own articles and videos to be featured on TechnoBuffalo.

Submit your articles to us by clicking here.

Here are the guidelines:

  • The work must be original and your own content. No copying the smart kid's homework.
  • Check to see we haven't already covered the topic on TechnoBuffalo.
  • Be passionate about what you write, and ask yourself "is this an article I would read?"
  • Edit your own work. Edit it again.
  • Make sure your article makes sense.
  • If you have a point to make, prove it well.
  • Do NOT use this as a forum to promote a business or make money, use profanity or make personal attacks.

After you have submitted an article it will go through a review process much like our own editors and writers follow.  If your article makes it through, you will be notified of when your article will publish.

We love that our readers are passionate about technology as much (if not more) than us. We want to read your take on today's technology. We hope to be able to run your content soon.