It’s hard to believe it has been ten years since the iPhone was first released. Back then, the smartphone landscape was dominated by BlackBerry, but the market was turned upside down when the Apple released the iPhone. Nothing has been the same since.

In 2007, Jon got his hands on the original iPhone and reviewed it. Some of his takes now seem comical as the iPhone has advanced by leaps and bounds, but other takes still stand the test of time.

Among the things Jon notes is the fluidity of the display. Back then, multi-point touch, touch scrolling and pinch-to-zoom did not exist.

Jon also touts the iPhones’s display, the browser experience in Safari, battery life and the overall build of the iPhone. Today, a 3.5-inch display seems tiny, but back then, it was the phablet of its time. It dwarfed any display BlackBerry or any other competition offered. Safari was also the first full-fledged browser experience ever on a mobile device. Before it, phones were relegated to watered-down versions of the internet.

But not everything was perfect with the iPhone. It didn’t feature the best email service, didn’t have an App Store and was stuck on AT&T’s spotty EDGE network. Jon was fortunate enough to get some good coverage at his home, but many people weren’t so lucky.

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