We know a lot of our readers are really enjoying the weekly recap posts on the weekends, and we decided to finally get the ball rolling on a project we've wanted to do for a really long time: the TechnoBuffalo Newsletter.

It's ready to go and we're excited to share it with you. It's going to start off as a relatively soft launch so that we can gauge what you want most from the newsletter, but our plan right now is to serve up six of the best new posts on the site that we think you'll be interested in and that, perhaps, you may have missed during the week. That means the newest videos, gaming news, mobile news, opinions, feature content and more, all in a quick and easy to digest format. The best part? It should look great both on your computer and on your mobile device.

We don't ever want to spam you, either. That's why we're going to start with just a weekly post, and the plan right now is to send it out each Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. EST, starting tomorrow if all goes to plan. We know your schedules vary and, if we find the interest, we plan to schedule it so that it arrives in your e-mail inbox at the same time each day. And yes, of course, we want you to enjoy the newsletter so, if the time comes that you're no longer interested, it's very easy to unsubscribe.

We hope you like the first TechnoBuffalo newsletter. It should arrive tomorrow morning for folks on the east coast, and at various times otherwise depending on your location around the globe. We look forward to your feedback. Please use the sign-up form below to get started.