The TechnoBuffalo crew has been steadily growing over the past few years, giving us the opportunity to bring you, our loyal readers, the highest quality content possible. And we're not stopping. We always strive to better our coverage on the site, whether it be through longer features or more in-depth analysis of the latest trends. So, today, we're happy to announce a new member is joining the team.

Video has always been a key component here at TechnoBuffalo—we wouldn't be where we are today without our earliest beginnings on YouTube. But just because we already have a strong video following doesn't mean we aren't looking to grow. On that note, please help us in welcoming Mark Linsangan, who will going forward be a big part of the TechnoBuffalo channel. That means more first impressions, versus videos and newer content.

You'll still see Jon doing his thing on video. But with Mark now onboard, TechnoBuffalo can further expand its coverage, and bring you more videos than ever before. Mark is a great talent, and we're very happy to have him with us. Please make him feel at home!