TechnoBuffalo Minecraft - Spawn at Christmas

Had it up to here with egg nog and wrapping gifts? Want to head off to a magical world where you can just break blocks and build giant towers? Then the official TechnoBuffalo Minecraft server is the place for you this weekend.

The server elves – also known as our Mods and Super Mods – have been busy decoaring the server for Christmas.  As you can see above, even the company logo has joined in the festivities!  And if you aren’t in the mood for Christmas, there is flag avenue where some of the flags of our players countries are laid out, or you can tour the virtual TechnoBuffalo offices.  (That’s them in the bottom left corner of the picture)

And don’t let this picture fool you, there are still vast undeveloped areas for you to explore and claim as your own, and we’ve even built minecart systems to get you out to the wilderness areas.

TechnoBuffalo Minecraft - Christmas gifts

What’s with all these chests under a giant tree? Well, if you’ve been a good little Minecraft player this year, and you sent “Santa” a list of some of your most wished for in-game Minecraft items, you may find a chest with your name on it come Christmas morning with some of your desired goodies. (I’m hoping for a furnace!)

If you’re new to our server, or just haven’t been on in a while, there’s a lot going on from an economy system, jobs, massive building projects and even the occasional building contest.  (There was one this week for giant snowmen)  And, as a bonus, you can choose from our 1.8 or 1.0 maps for where you want to set down your roots.

So if you find yourself bored this weekend, or any time for that matter, fire up Minecraft and head over to to join in on the fun.