Minecraft Server - 1 year - 640

It's hard to believe, but the TechnoBuffalo Minecraft server opened to the public one year ago today.

In the world of Minecraft, a month can seem like an eternity as it can see servers come and go, updates roll out at a furious pace and a whole lot more.  For the TechnoBuffalo server to have made it 12 months is a bit mind blowing.

We've had our ups and downs – we all try to forget the dark period known as when we were hosted by AllGamer.net – but for the most part it has been an awesome year.  We opened with a 1.7 Beta map, rolled a new one out at 1.8 Beta, made the leap to 1.0, and have the current 1.2 map.  (As you can see, the ever present buffalo logo has joined in the festivities for today.)  When 1.3 comes along next month, we have some big plans, and some surprises to be coming your way, so make sure to stay tuned.  Minecraft.TechnoBuffalo.com isn't going anywhere any time soon!

As the lead admin on the server, I want to take a moment to thank all of our awesome players, and my extremely awesome player staff members I've put together over the past year.  I really don't know how I could keep this thing running with all of the time and effort you donate.  (They even dressed up the Buffalo for his picture.  Click it to see a larger version)

So, here's to our first year of fun and frivolity, and may there be many more good times!  Keep an eye out for a post announcing some exciting fun when 1.3 launches!

And for those of you who have yet to visit, just point your Minecraft client to Minecraft.TechnoBuffalo.com and come join us!