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One week down, and hopefully many more long streaming hours to come. On top of running our site as per usual, we're slowly settling into our new home (a vacation home?) over on Twitch. And, hey, wouldn't you know it, we're live! On the docket today is more StarCraft 2.

There are a lot of really amazing games on the way, so we'll be sure to play those as soon as they're available. Destiny? Absolutely. FIFA 15? Yeah! And many more. Right now, we're just playing some older titles and having fun talking to you guys along the way. As we've been saying all along: we consider ourselves casual gamers, and use Twitch more for hanging out with you, the Herd!

In addition to some StarCraft 2, we'll also play some Counter-Strike: GO once Jon is off the air, and we'll also be playing some Outlast tonight on the PlayStation 4. That's the plan anyway—so long as the PSN doesn't crap the bed again.