We’re looking for a freelance writer who is very knowledgeable and well-read in the technology (consumer technology, specifically) and social media spaces. This person should be highly reliable, have great communication, and be self-motivated. They should also be regular readers of sites like Engadget, Gizmodo, ReadWriteWeb and so on.

writingYou will be writing original tech articles of about 300 words each on TechnoBuffalo.com, a tech website that launched in October 2009. The site stands on three legs: It has original technology content written by professional writers (that’s where you come in), a full social network for tech enthusiasts and it has a sub-blogging platform that allows people to create and monetize their own tech blogs.

We’re looking for someone that can be with us long term and grow with the company, which means increases in pay and responsibility as time goes on. Starting pay will be a few hundred dollars per month for about three pieces of content per weekday. The exact starting pay will be determined by your level of experience and quality of work. The posts won’t be time sensitive, so you’ll be able to write all of your posts on Monday, for example, and save them as drafts.

To apply, please email [email protected] – and please do the following:

1. Email your resume in PDF form. Subject of email should be “Apply”
2. Include two writing samples, ~300 words each, that would bring value to someone that is a tech enthusiast (this can include a how to, an analysis of a recent piece of news, a review, etc) 3. Answer this question: What was the name of Apple’s first handheld device? Was it successful? Explain.

Good luck!