My holiday wish list for 2011 has changed a number of times throughout the year. It was initially dominated by Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Vita, but when that was delayed I had to make some changes. I’ve now got a list that I’m really happy with — one that isn’t just perfect for me, but also fit for any Buffalo with an interest in the latest tech, whether your budget is $2,000 or $20. Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what’s on your list this year.

Money is No Object

Nike MAG Sneakers

Nike MAG Sneakers as worn by Marty McFly


I remember watching Back to the Future as a child and I was obsessed by how cool it was. I’ve been a fan of the films ever since, and I’ve always wanted a pair of Nike MAG sneakers and a hover board just like Marty’s in Back to the Future 2. The hover board will have to remain a dream for now, but I must have those sneakers.

Gifts Under $2000

iMac 27

Apple iMac 27″


This isn’t just for me, but for my whole house! Right now, everyone shares my MacBook Air and it can be a little frustrating when I need to get stuff done, but my fiancé hasn’t quite finished shopping for things we don’t need. A family iMac would allow me to reclaim my MacBook Air, and it’ll make editing home movies and photos a much nicer experience.

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Gifts Under $500

Lacie HD

LaCie 2TB Little Big Disk Thunderbolt HD


To accompany the iMac, I’ll need some additional storage for everyone’s iTunes libraries. But I don’t want an old-fashioned USB-powered external drive, I want the latest 2TB Thunderbolt drive from LaCie.

Xbox 360 - MW3

Limited Edition Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360


I’m a huge Call of Duty addict. In fact, I’ve become so obsessed with the game that I haven’t been able to complete another game in months. I know it’s unhealthy, but I promise as soon as I get the limited edition Modern Warfare 3 Xbox, I’ll cut down on the time I spend playing the game.

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Gifts Under $250

iPad Crux Case

Crux360 for iPad 2


When I’m replying to emails over morning coffee, I like to use my iPad before I sit down at my desk and start working. Apple’s wireless keyboard is fantastic for extensive typing on the iPad, but carrying it around is a pain. The Crux360 turns an iPad 2 into an awesome little notebook, and means you always have a physical keyboard handy.


Hauppage HD PVR


I’ve been wanting to record content (legally) from my Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for some time, and the best method of doing this is by using the Hauppage HD PVR. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten around to buying one yet, but now it’s on my Christmas list, I’m hoping someone else will!

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Gifts Under $50

Xbox Live 4000 Points

4,000 Xbox Live Points


Who wants a limited edition Modern Warfare 3 Xbox if they don’t have new content to play on it? With $50 worth of Xbox Live points, I can buy even more games that I probably won’t play because I’ll be playing Call of Duty.

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PocketBook Portable Vibration Speaker


The PocketBook speaker is a super cool way to listen to music while you’re on the go. It’s cool because it turns any surface into a speaker. Simply stick it down and let the vibrations move you. The sound quality isn’t amazing, but it’s certainly impressive for £15.

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