If you’re going to dream might as well dream big, right? My holiday wish list this year kicks off with a Ms. Pac Man coffee table arcade game. The best vintage arcade game ever that can also hold my cup of coffee in the morning? You had me at Hello. Other fabulous gift ideas stem from my love of photography, and some stuff that I think is just pretty snazzy in general, like a power adapter that fits in the cup holder of your car. You’ve got to keep those gadgets charged, right?

Money is No Object

Ms. Pacman Table

Ms. PacMan Coffee Table


Ms.PacMan is one of my favorite games of all time, specially the old-school arcade version. This coffee table takes the classic arcade game and turns it into a coffee table where you can chow down on Cocoa-Krispies and ghosts at the same time. Buying me one of these would definitely secure someone a BFF spot in my life.

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Gifts Under $2000

Canon 60D

Canon EOS 60D


The 60D is rocking a powerful 18.0 Megapixel CMOS sensor for taking super-high resolution pics, has a swivel LCD screen (so you can hold your camera up over your head in crowded situations and still see what you’re snapping a photo of), and has high-definition video recording capabilities so you can leave your camcorder at home (and take advantage of shooting video through some of Canon’s awesome lenses).

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Gifts Under $500

Canon EF50 1.4

Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 Lens


I love taking concert photos. Unfortunately most of the shows I go to are in dark clubs where a normal camera lens won’t do. This 1.4 50mm lens is perfect for taking pictures in dark place like your local music venue, or even outside late at night while you’re on vacation or trying to take pictures at a friend’s barbeque.

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iPad 2

Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi 16GB


It took me until the 2nd generation to see how an iPad could fit into my life, but now that I have one I’m not exactly sure how I functioned without one. The iPad (or your tablet of choosing, I’m not saying you’ve gotta buy a Cupertino-branded one) is great for reading books, watching videos, and playing games. I use mine to watch videos while I’m at the gym, play games and read books while I’m traveling, and read feeds using Flipboard with it over breakfast almost every morning.

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Gifts Under $250

Nook Simple Touch

Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch


Have you seen the Nook Simple Touch? It’s super thin, super light, and perfect for carrying around in a purse or bag all day for situations where you want to read for a few. The e-ink display makes it so you’ll only have to charge the device once a week (if even that).

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Logitech Zagg Keyboard Case

Logitech keyboard case by Zagg


There are tons of iPad cases and tons of bluetooth keyboards out there for the iPad, but none of them are quite as sexy as the ZaggMate iPad keyboard/case combo. I’m a huge fan of this case for its durability (it’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum), and also for its laptop-like feel when using the built-in bluetooth keyboard. Also, while it adds a ton of protection and functionality to your tablet, it come in at just 12.2 ounces, so it doesn’t add a bunch of weight.

Gifts Under $50

Nightvision Spywatch

Spy Watch


I’ve got a soft spot for any and all things spy related. This spy watch will not only tell you what time it is, it will also let you record what’s going on around you undercover-style. This one can also be used as a webcam for chatting for those times you want to play James Bond and talk to mom through your wrist rather than your laptop’s webcam.

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If you’ve got a lot of gadgets buying car adapters for all of them can get expensive (and impossible in some cases). The Powercup plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car, fits in your cup holder, and provides power for any and all of your electronics while you’re on the road.

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