This is it. This is episode #0 of Tech on the Range, the first podcast from the TechnoBuffalo staff.

This show will be anchored by three members of the crew. The standard lineup will almost always involve Sean Aune and Joey Davidson. Sean’s the Editor-in-Chief and Joey’s the Senior Editor of the Gaming department. Our other semi-standard host will be Todd Haselton, the Senior Editor of the Mobile department.

But, for episode #0, Todd’s out and Jon Rettinger, President of TechnoBuffalo, is in.

You can find us each on Twitter.

Sean Aune – @seanpaune

Joey Davidson – @JoeyDavidson

Jon Rettinger – @jon4lakers

This week’s topic is “Life at TechnoBuffalo”

We’ve decided that the best way to start off this show is with a look at what it’s like to be part of the team. Jon, Sean and Joey highlight their beginnings with the site, the beginnings of the site itself and what it’s like doing what they do.

Also, we make fun of Sean. Everybody wins (except for Sean)!

We referenced these articles in the episode.

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