I really hate wires. The way they tangle up the second you look away. The way they restrict your movements. For someone who spends a ton of time testing out new gadgets it’s a tough pet peeve to have, but over the past year the number of wires in my life has gotten a lot more manageable thanks to one specific type of technology: Blueteooth.

At the moment my obsession with Bluetooth is pretty much limited to headphones and speakers. I have two of each in regular rotation. That means four fewer wires in my life.

On the speaker front I’ve got a powerful Nyne Bass. It’s loud enough to fill my entire apartment if we have a party, and like the name suggests it packs plenty of bass. It’s pretty heavy for a Bluetooth speaker, but still light enough to carry short distances thanks to a built in handle in back.

If I need something lighter I’ll reach for JBL’s Flip 3. This is a great little speaker, with a pretty good sound for its size and a splash proof design. It’s perfect for throwing in your bag on the way out the door and lasts a full day without ever needing to plug in. The Flip 3 is so great I even included it my 2015 holiday gift guide.

When I’m listening to music alone I’ll reach for one of two different Bluetooth headsets. For most situations some simple on-ear headphones will do the trick, offering pretty solid audio quality without tethering me to my smartphone. If I’m exercising or biking across town and need to use an earbud to hear Google Maps turn-by-turn directions I have a pair of around-the-neck headphones. They look pretty silly, but work well. Most of the time I barely notice I’m wearing them at all.

Really, what I’m trying to say is that there’s a Bluetooth device out there for all occasions, and they’re all gloriously wireless. Sure each gadget needs to be charged on a regular basis, but three of them can take turns on the same microUSB cord. As for that bigger Nyne Bass; it has it’s own plug, but rarely leaves the living room of my apartment anyway.

I’d love to add even more Bluetooth to my life, but I’m not really sure where to start. Wireless charging could also help eliminate even more wires from my life, though that technology is still struggling to catch on. In the meantime I’m pretty happy with all my current wireless headphones and speakers. Though of course I’m always open to suggestions for new Bluetooth devices to try out.