Apple vs. Samsung - Argument - Lawsuit - Fight - 004

Apple and Samsung's famous patent trial may not be the closed case we thought it was. A new report claims that a group of tech giants including Google, Facebook, Dell and eBay are pushing for an appeal of the landmark decision.

According to InsiderSources, the coalition of companies filed with the federal court of appeals on July 1. The group argues that the original ruling could set a dangerous precedent in the tech industry. It could even scare tech firms away from releasing new products.

"If allowed to stand, that decision will lead to absurd results and have a devastating impact on companies, including [the briefing draftees], who spend billions of dollars annually on research and development for complex technologies and their components," the filing reads.

The group's main issue is that Samsung will have to give Apple what amounts to the full profits it earned off specific devices named in the trial. The filing notes that this means any product could face the same risk if it borrows even a single unimportant feature or design detail from another company.

In response, Apple argues that several of the companies involved have a clear stake in seeing Samsung win. Specifically Google, which makes the Android software running on the offending smartphones. Apple also put together a pretty strong case during the original trial, suggesting Samsung intentionally copied multiple design elements for its Galaxy devices.

It's unclear if the case will go to appeals, though it certainly seems possible. If the ruling does get changed, it could come as a huge blow to Apple.