Tech companies make a lot of money. After all, they wouldn’t spend so much on developing, advertising and elaborate press events if they weren’t getting something back for all that investment. And boy, do they.

According to the latest infographic from WhoIsHostingThis, the world’s top five technology companies have a total of $333 billion with which to monkey around. And that’s just the surplus, not even the whole revenue. Apple alone accounts for more than a third of that, at $137 billion, but Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Cisco aren’t doing too shabby either.

These companies are dripping with cash, and if they chose to, they could use that spending power for the mother of all shopping trips. Google could actually buy 32 million sets of Google Glass for users, and Apple could effectively slap a “sold” sign on all of New York City.

But even so, these tech giants still can’t top history’s legendary industrialists. Apple’s surplus isn’t even half of what Standard Oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller would be worth today if he were still alive. Then again, he alone had $1.4 billion (the equivalent of $340 billion today) to play with — so you never know if he blew that wad on some good old-fashioned, steam-punk cryogenics.