Whenever there is a new product, there are always different types of videos that cover different aspects of it. One of the most popular forms of videos is internal breakdowns, and JerryRigEverything did just that on the LG G6 revealing a very complicated internal build.

He starts off by removing the back glass panel with the help of a heat gun, suction cup and a paper card. The adhesive proves to be testy but he succeeds in removing the back. Once the back panel is off, the fingerprint scanner can be seen on the other side of the panel that connects via contact points to the motherboard. The inside of the back panel is coated with paint that can be scratched off.

On top of the battery is the mid-frame plastic holding down the wireless charging pad. At this point the battery can be accessed, but it’s held down by more adhesive. JerryRigEverything points out that the G6’s battery is straight on every corner. Samsung noted that the batteries on the Note 7 failed because of round corners. He also pokes at the battery with tweezers that cause it to smoke, but no sparks or fiery explosions come of it. LG went to great lengths to ensure customers the batteries in its phones are completely safe. Judging by the looks of it, the G6’s battery is completely safe.

The rest of the video shows the motherboard, camera modules and display being taken apart. When the display is off, the rounded edges on the LCD panel can be seen more clearly. The sharp corners are the glass panel’s biggest weakness and the rounded edges should help eradicate this issue. Putting the phone back together doesn’t prove to be much of an issue for him.

The LG G6 is not an easy phone to fix

It’s probably needless to mention but the G6 is not an easy phone to fix. The gobs of adhesive used to deliver its premium design make it extremely difficult to take apart. Even the simple task of accessing the battery will be very challenging to most people. It’s probably best you leave this up to professionals.