It looks like one developer might have let the proverbial game launch window cat out of Sony’s bag of release date secrets. Tearaway Unfolded will, apparently, launch this summer.

The word on this PlayStation 4 upgrade of the PS Vita’s wonderful, papercraft adventure comes from Kenneth Young, the now former audio lead at Media Molecule. Young announced his departure from Media Molecule on Twitter, following up with a bit about his first client as a contractor. That client is Media Molecule, and the game is Tearaway Unfolded. Fancy that!

The only snafu? Young offered a bit too much by saying that he’ll “be working with my friends there until we ship #TearawayUnfolded this summer.”


Still, I loved Tearaway on the PS Vita to pieces. The music, the look and the gameplay make it easily one of the best offerings for Sony’s handheld. I’m excited to see it in motion on my television, and I’m hoping Media molecule makes sure all the PS Vita enabled gameplay translates to the TV and the DualShock 4.

Are you going to snag Tearaway Unfolded?