Media Molecule is back with another game designed to test the boundaries of the human imagination. Tearaway will grant players near limitless capabilities to shape their own characters using virtual papercraft models.

A new batch of screenshots from PlayStation Blog shows off the various kinds of faces which can be planted onto the controlled avatar in this origami world.

But simply running free with your imagination might not always be the best way forward in Tearaway. Media Molecule also has announced its ability to challenge its audience by having them create certain characters which meet criteria.

A squirrel who needs a new crown, a chap whose moustache has been stolen by crows, and a pig that’s too ugly… these are all examples of problems you’ll be asked to solve through the cutting out of virtual paper shapes.

Little Big Planet wasn’t a game that inspired me to create very much beyond silly situations for Sackboy to suffer incredible amounts of pain, but games like Tearaway where I am given a specific goal and a few limitations here and there are ones I eat up like candy.

Games which give me a world to freely explore the mechanics in are amazing. Games which give me mechanics to make a world are just a time sink.

Plus, it has this smooth and lifelike real world material aesthetic which only improves as graphical capabilities become better and better. Think Kirby’s Epic Yarn or Yarn Yoshi, if that game ever decides to come out.

Tearaway is launching for the PS Vita on November 22nd, so those not busy with the Xbox One should definitely check it out. I haven’t picked up a Vita yet, but this is one the the first games to tempt me to.