Mr Tinkles

Team Meat’s next game Mew-Genics already stars a mutated double-headed cat, but if that’s not enough to assure you these weirdos haven’t lost their sense of humor, here’s a few more characters.

Mr. Tinkles is a self described “Party Gurl” who proudly displays his (her?) cat trophies along with a narcissistic self-portrait. The other character is Dr. Beanies, a scientist with an obvious distrust of adorable kittens and, my guess, as the dude responsible for creating the game’s titular science.

Dr Beanie

Team Meat’s first hit Super Meat Boy has given the indie developers a decent reputation for their awkward yet endearing characters. I’m curious to see what genre this latest game turns out to be, but in regards to the art and style pushing this game, they seem to have all the right pieces falling into place for a decent follow up.

The Team Meat blog will be revealing character art for three new characters every “Caturday,” or Saturday for those of us not cursed with an impulse for horrible puns. Check them out, and be sure to play Super Meat Boy if you feel like punishing yourself for a week.

[via Team Meat Blog]