Splatoon‘s cover-the-map-in-ink mechanic is unlike anything any other multiplayer shooter is doing at the moment. That means, until now, only Wii U gamers are able to take advantage of the unique gameplay featured in the title.

Enter The Splat Fortress mod, made by YouTube channel DrLilRobot and “a team of elite squidmen!”  This Team Fortress 2 mod takes the gameplay from Splatoon and, very roughly as it stands now, makes it playable with Team Fortress 2 characters on then PC platform. It’s early, don’t be too cranky.

Here’s the crew, as per the video above’s description:

  • Dr. LilRobot (Mapper)
  • FlaminSarge (Coder)
  • FissionMetroid101 (Animator & Modeler)
  • Stachekip (Voice Splatter)

You can find the team on Steam right here, and they are actively making new stuff for their mod.

Want the real thing? Splatoon‘s good fun, but you’ll need a Wii U to play it.