In case you didn't get the memo yet, Valve has gone and made Team Fortress 2 a free-to-play title for everyone, forever. Now they've added some more to the pile of good news and finally released another entry in the "Meet the…" series.

These clips have each showcased an individual class in the Team Fortress 2 catalogue. They've all been absurdly funny, well crafted shorts that merit a watch even if you don't enjoy the games themselves. The first few in series came near launch. Since then they've seemed to release as Valve gets time to produce them.

We'll accept that, they're all solid gold.

Any seasoned TF2 vet knows that being a Medic takes more than just following Heavies and squeezing the trigger on your healing gun. Timing an Über takes skill and that, and the piles and piles of newbies the are likely to stream in because of the free-to-play manuever by Valve will likely have no idea what an Über can do in a team battle.

Call me crazy, but I bet Valve timed the release of the "Meet the Medic" short with the free-to-play launch specifically to give new players a heads up on some of the roles a Medic plays on the battlefield. At least the lot will know what you mean as you're playing the Scout class and screaming about how you don't want to be Übered.