The Team Fortress 2 community has been after Valve for quite some time now to implement a competitive matchmaking system within the game. It looks like their getting their wish. user enigma started a thread entitled Valve and Competitive TF2. In the opening post, the user offered that a group of “event organizers and production” staff fired off an email with the Team Fortress 2 development team in order to initiate discussion about making the game more friendly to the competitive crowd.

That email lead to an invite to Valve, and the meeting went swimmingly. The community’s wants?

  1. A CS:GO-style stream list integrated into the main game menu
  2. Matchmaking
  3. Bug fixes/QOL improvements (some of which we gathered from this thread)

According to the post? All of them will come soon enough.

There’s no word on timing here, but Valve apparently listened and is acting on the community’s feedback. Will this be enough to push TF2 back into your regular gaming rotation? Did it ever leave?