The realism of this toy is incredible. Seriously. It looks identical to Christian Bale in the Batman Trilogy. If you did a quadruple take because your brain doesn't quite believe your eyes that, yes, this is in fact just a 1/6th scale collectible figure, I don't blame you. I'm still trying to grasp how awesome it looks. If you're a die hard fan of Nolan's trilogy, this is definitely a must own piece of the Batman universe. Hot Toys didn't just ensure it looks like Batman; it gave the figure 32 points of articulation, interchangeable parts and a parallel eyeball rolling system. You can also pick up Bane, the Joker, or Batman's famous Tumbler. Price N/A, release Q4 2012. [via HotToys]

Jot Pressure Sensitive Stylus

Nothing can replace the experience of pressing your finger to a touchscreen. Styli, despite their old school stigma, have been offered up as a more precise alternative, but they've lacked one very important feature: pressure sensitiveness. The Jot Touch is here to rectify that through your tab's bluetooth connection. If tablets are going to be considered content creators, you'll obviously need tools to get the job done. The Jot promises to be the best stylus out there. In addition to its pressure sensitive feature, it also comes with shortcut buttons, which allow you to erase and undo quickly and easily. Unfortunately, because it essentially "talks" to apps, there are only three at the moment which offer Jot support. [via Adonit]

Alarm Dock

I'm torn between mornings. On the one hand, I hate waking up. On the other, I absolutely love breakfast. Maybe this retro Alarm Dock will help me despise mornings a little less? Designed as part alarm clock, part iPhone/iPod dock, this vintage-inspired gadget was concocted from sustainable beech wood to resemble your parent's old flip clock. Compatible with the iPhone 3, 3GS, 4 and 4S, the dock connects to your device's charger in a convenient hallowed-out area in the back so cords stay nice and hidden. $40 is all this alarm dock runs you. Unfortunately, there's no physical buttons on the top to bash when you want to snooze, so you'll have to gently touch your phone's screen in order to catch more Zzs in the AM. [via CoolMaterial]

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