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With Apple Music set to launch later this month the company is lining up as many exclusives as possible, but the new streaming service will be missing one key album.

Apple's new Music app will stream all of Taylor Swift's older albums, but not the insanely popular 1989BuzzFeed reports. That's the same deal offered to other pay-only services like Rdio. Clearly the country singer turned pop star isn't making any exceptions for the Cupertino company.

Taylor Swift became one of music streaming's biggest critics last year when she pulled all of her music off Spotify in response to the company's free ad-supported option. She's also criticized the direction of the industry in general, noting that "music should be consumed as albums" rather than individual songs.

As for Apple, the company's new music service appears to be struggling to win over at least a few other artists. A recent report revealed that smaller independent labels can't afford to give up their profits during the app's free three-month trial. As a result, British artists including Adele and The Arctic Monkeys may be missing from Apple Music at launch.

We doubt that's the reason Taylor Swift is withholding her latest album, though its absence will only help to boost direct sales (and illegal downloads) instead.