While it isn’t unusual to see Apple products in stores such as Walmart and Target, it is unusual to see a new product from the company hit mass market retailers in their first year of release. That policy appears to be changing with the iPad.

Starting Oct. 3rd, Target will begin selling the iPad tablet from Apple in its stores across the United States. The only oddity to the situation is that it appears the stores will be selling all three of the Wi-Fi edition, but they will be limited to only one version of the 3G flavor devices, but no word on which size it will be.

Target AppleInterestingly, while the prices will be the standard prices you see for iPads on Apple’s site or in their stores, people who have a Target credit card will get a discount starting two weeks after the launch. On Oct. 17th there will be a new five percent discount for people with the branded card.  This could end up being a discount as much as $35 on some models.  If you’re still thinking about picking up one of these devices, and you don’t mind signing up for a credit card, this might be the deal for you.

In our estimate, this pretty much kills the rumors we’ve heard of a new version of the iPad hitting store shelves prior to the holiday season.  Flooding the market with first generation iPads, just to release them with second generations a few weeks later would anger more than just the usual number of people.

There has been no word yet on the tablets showing up in Walmarts, but you have to figure they will at some point as iPods and iPhones already have a prominent placement in the world’s largest retailer.  Before Christmas might not be out of the question, but the announcement would have to come fairly soon.

You also have to wonder if this is part of the reason there were shortages for a short period as Apple tried to produce enough for the immediate demand as well as preparing a shipment for Target.

It looks like the iPad is very much a part of the digital world now, lets just see where Mr. Jobs and company take it next.

What say you?  Are you ready to see iPads everywhere you look.