Kindle Touch In HandIf you find yourself perusing your local Target in the coming months and fail to uncover any Amazon hardware, no need to alert the authorities — the mystery has already been solved. Target confirmed to The Verge on Wednesday it will discontinue sales of Amazon’s Kindle-branded products effective this spring, citing “the continuous process of evaluating products for its customers.”

Ohhh, bold move, Target. What, does the retailer hate reading or something? Not exactly. Amazon has been known to undercut brick-and-mortars with aggressive pricing and low margins — there’s no tax in most states and oftentimes free shipping — so this may perhaps be a “Better off without you” scenario.

Or, Apple’s giant influence encouraged Target to make the decision. The two companies recently made a deal to erect specialty Apple “mini-stores” in select Target locations across the nation, an initiative that’s already underway. The likely scenario is that Apple didn’t want to share space with its biggest competitor, which currently accounts for more than half of the Android tablet market.

Target will, however, continue to offer “a full assortment of readers,” including the Nook. So if your nearest Target soon feels a little less Amazony, don’t fret; you can always head over to Amazon’s site to get a $139 refurbished Kindle Fire.

[via The Verge]