Last week, shortly after Apple unveiled its two latest smartphones, Walmart announced that it would sell the cheaper iPhone 5c for $20 under the official price, starting at $79. Now, Target has followed suit, confirming just a day before the phone hits stores that it will also sell the plastic handset for $79 with a two-year contract.

According to Target’s website, it won’t be following Walmart’s pricing when it comes to the iPhone 5s, which the mega-chain has discounted by $10 down to $189. Both retailers also appear to be selling the 32GB iPhone 5c for the full price of $199 on-contract.

Apple Stores will often match the retail chains’ pricing, though this varies from location to location, so you may be able to score a similar discount if you plan on picking up a new iPhone straight from the source. Both the iPhone 5s and 5c should available to purchase in-store starting Friday morning at 8 a.m. local time, though we recommend you line up early.