Target retail locations have reportedly been instructed to return existing iPhone SE stock to Apple, MacRumors said on Wednesday. The news outlet said it received an internal memo with details suggesting the phones be returned to Apple, perhaps suggesting that Target wants to free up space for a new model.

We haven’t really been expecting a second generation iPhone SE, however, so it could just be that Target wants the phone off its shelves in order to make room for anything – including phones from other manufacturers. MacRumors said there’s a possibility that a 128GB model might make its debut, though that too sounds a bit fishy. Sure, Apple might launch a new model with a higher capacity, but why would Target return the 16GB and 64GB models when it could simply cut the prices on them?

MacRumors also cites KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who doesn’t believe a new iPhone SE is inbound anytime soon. I’m siding with him, but perhaps we’ll be surprised if Apple reveals a new iPhone during its expected iPad event sometime this month.