Last week, we brought you news of Target’s big (and still ongoing) iPad Pro sale. Today, we’re back with news of huge discounts on the Apple Watch Series 1 in various sizes. This is great news for folks who haven’t been able to pick one up yet, or who might be doing some last-minute Christmas shopping.

There are a ton of models on sale, so I’ll go over a few that might be of interest. The 32mm rose gold Apple Watch Series 1 is currently $199.99, down from $269.99. The 42mm Series 1 Apple Watch with sports band drops down to $229 from $299.99. You’ll find various models at differing prices, but all drop the price from the standard Apple price.

Buy Series 1, consider avoidingfirst generation

Now, keep in mind there are a few “first generation” models on sale, too. These models are, as the name implies, the original Apple Watch. They’re not as new as “Series 1” (confusing, I know, but it was introduced with Series 2 in September.) The Series 1 watches still offer the new SP1 processor but lack features like waterproofing found in Series 2 (though they’re still splash resistant.) Series 1 displays also aren’t as bright as the Series 2 screens, but I never really minded the screen on the original, so this shouldn’t be a problem for most people.

In any case, want to save on an Apple Watch? Hit the source below.