Android’s haptic feedback has always felt kind of gimmicky, but starting this week Google is making an effort to highlight the feature. The company recently introduced a new Play Store section that highlights “Games You Can Feel” on your smartphone or tablet.

The new section includes 15 games, including Angry Birds Friends, Ninja Hero Cats, Drag Racing, a couple of Grand Theft Auto titles and even an air guitar app called Solo Air. Every app listed here was designed using tactile technology called TouchSense Engage from Immersion, a company focused on combining the technology with mobile devices.

“Over the past few months, Immersion has worked closely with leading mobile game developers to customize tactile effects for their games,” said Jason Patton, general manager and vice president of Content and Media at Immersion. “From this effort, we are seeing a whole new user experience emerge – one that is more immersive and engaging for mobile game players. Touch technology advances game design, enabling developers to add tactile effects to create a more in-depth gaming experience.”

You can peruse the “Games you can feel” section of Google Play by following the source link below.