The King of All Cosmos is at it again. This time, he destroys all the stars by singing with pitch that's too perfect while in the shower. Yep, they shatter like glass, and he calls in the Prince to roll up some stuff and rebuild the universe.

Tap My Katamari has been announced for iOS and Android, and the trailer comes from Jump Festa 2016.

What about the gameplay? No, it doesn't look like Bandai Namco will let players roll their Katamari over items with gyro controls that have been tuned to perfection. Instead, Tap My Katamari, based on the very small slice of gameplay shown in the clip, seems to be a 2D, sidescrolling, finger tapping experience. I really don't know how it's played, but it doesn't look traditional.

We'll see. The game has no release date or pricing info available yet. Once that comes, we'll let you know.