On September 1, 2016, Nintendo held a Direct presentation for their upcoming software. In the middle of that Direct, there was a quick announcement for a 3DS game seemingly packed with personality called Tank Troopers. It’s out today, friends. Really. It’s $7.99.

Following that Direct announcement, Nintendo of America got really quiet about the game. So quiet, in fact, that I was completely shocked when a pair of review codes showed up in my inbox this week. We’re on it, by the way, so you’ll get some more official opinions from us probably next week. So far? The game is actually pretty fun, and I’m surprised Nintendo didn’t advertise this thing more.

Hey, look, some marketing!

For the release of the game, Nintendo dropped two separate videos on their YouTube channel. The first introduces the characters, while the second goes over gameplay. Here they are.

We’ll have a bit more on this game next week. It’s $7.99, features Download and Play and 30 campaign missions. We’ll let you know if it’s worth it, but it seems like a fun game so far.