Using hands-free tech while driving is an absolute must these days. In addition to being infinitely safer than driving with a phone stuck against your ear, it's also the law of the land in countless places. Make sure you're protected from distracted driving and a hefty ticket with the MultiPoint Bluetooth Car Speaker Phone, now over half off its regular price.

With the MultiPoint, you can make or receive calls from your vehicle without fumbling with a phone. Just hook the unit onto your visor, sync it via Bluetooth to one or two phones, and you're ready to get started.

Compatible with virtually all Android and iOS phones, this speaker phone offers a built-in mic that cancels echo and suppresses surrounding noise, giving you an easy way to converse without interruption. It even works with most phone's voice dialing features, keeping your physical movements to a minimum so you can concentrate on your driving instead.

The MultiPoint is also powered by a rechargeable battery…so keep the charger with you in the car, and you'll always be ready to talk hands-free. Usually priced at $90, you can assure your safety while driving and talking for only $42.95 — a 52% discount — if you grab this offer now.