Nokia Sign

We didn't catch this, but there apparently were apparently a few whispers in finance circles this morning suggesting that Lenovo might be interested in buying Nokia. Those rumors aren't true, though, and Lenovo recently went on the record and explained that it's all nonsense.

"This must be a joke," former Acer CEO and current Lenovo exec Gianfranco Lanci told Reuters. "There's nothing ongoing." Analysts also thought the deal sounded fishy.

"Frankly, I'm quite surprised that people actually bought into the possibility," an anonymous banker told Reuters. "If [Lenovo]  would have been spending so much money buying something that is not really Lenovo's core line of business. I would think a more likely possibility would be some form of collaboration or cooperation between the two."

We would not be surprised if someone did scoop up Nokia, however. We guess it would make more sense for Microsoft, which already has a strong partnership with the Finnish phone maker, or Amazon, which is rumored to have its sites on the smartphone market, or even Samsung. But Lenovo? Yeah, that's pretty far fetched.

[via Reuters]