Bandai Namco has shined a light on another of Tales of Zestiria‘s new characters, named Miclio, and in doing so, opened up on the world’s expansive and religious backstory.

Miclio is an angel-like being from the Heavenly Tribe. Many wars have been fought over the land for several millenia, but the one thing which unites all corners of the world is the belief in this mythical group of invisible beings. With the ultimate power of reality in their hands, mankind both worships and fears them.

The few humans who have seen them are believed to have signed contracts which grants them influence over people and Godly powers in exchange for their minds and bodies for the Heavenly Tribe to use as vessels on Earth. Common people saw them as saviors and villains, but now they are simply seen as holy “monks” respected throughout the world.

Miclio’s appearance to our heroes shows that civilization might have been mistaken about the fate of their Gods.

Tales has never been a series to stick to one theme from release to release. The previous two games were vast and expansive science fiction journeys, but now Bandai Namco seems to want to tackle religion with this newest game. Not even Final Fantasy is this fickle in its storytelling.

Tales of Zestiria will get a worldwide PlayStation 3 release before the year is out.