JRPG classic Tales of Symphonia will be joining the great migration of the JRPG genre to PCs next month. A new launch trailer from Bandai Namco confirms that the game will be available on Feb. 2.

And man oh man, is the launch trailer something special!? I wouldn’t call it flashy or say that it will win over massive audiences, but it offers a firm reminder of why this is considered the best and most popular entry in Bandai Namco’s series. Unique characters, intense action, a classic Japanese soundtrack, and so many memorable moments, I don’t think it’s possible for Tales Studio to make a game of this caliber anymore.

At least not while it churns games out on a yearly basis.

Tales of Symphonia is the definitive entry point if you are a PC gamer and are new to the series, but be forewarned, you’re entering on a high-note and down is the only way to go. They don’t make ’em like they used to, so enjoy this blast from the past with nothing to lose.

Tales of Symphonia launches for the PC on Feb. 2nd.