Bandai Namco has confirmed that it will be bringing its crowd-favorite JRPG, Tales of Symphonia, to the PC through Steam on Feb. 2. This comes to us on the same day that the next game in the series, Tales of Berseria, was confirmed for a PC release, further proving Bandai Namco’s commitment to the platform. This follows up the announcement from back in July.

If Bandai Namco’s Tales series had its very own “Final Fantasy VII” entry, meaning the popular one that brought in the most fans, then Tales of Symphonia would be it. Although done entirely on a different scale, this game pulled in a lot of critical praise for the series at a time when not many had heard of it, and it brought in more fans than probably any other entry in the series to date.

It also had the novelty of being a really good JRPG on a console that was otherwise severely lacking in that area. That would have been the GameCube.

Now that we have a confirmed date that it will be joining the great JRPG migration to PCs, even more will be able to enjoy all that it has to offer. Can’t wait to see if Bandai Namco gets around to re-releasing any of the older games. Tales of Phantasia or Tales of Destiny, anyone?