Final Fantasy X might not be making the most graceful jump into HD, but the same is not true for Tales of Symphonia. This game must have been way back in 2003 built with foreknowledge on the possibilities of HD graphics.

Tales of Symphonia is by no means the most technically looking game ever made, but its distinct style has always put it ahead of the rest from its time period. Llyod Irving and his ragtag group of allies have never looked better. The cel-shaded look of old still remains, but better outlines and textures bring the water-colored style to life.

Even more intense are the battles. The PlayStation 3 handles the action of Tales of Symphonia's frantic system far better than the GameCube ever did. No slowdown, no catching up. Everything plays out as your button presses desire, and that is important for a timing based action RPG like this.

If you've never played Tales of Symphonia, this is easily the recommendable package. From the one dungeon I played, I immediately fell back into its magical setting, which I left unfinished after 70 hours, and wanted to give it another try.

If interested, you should be able to as well when Tales of Symphonia Chronicles launches exclusively for the PlayStation 3 next year.