Microsoft revealed a brand new set of virtual reality motion controllers for its Windows Mixed Reality VR system. The new device utilizes a completely revamped method to track movement.

The motion controllers will use sensors within the headset to track movement instead of the external motion tracking cameras or markers. The old system was used with the HTC Vive and Oculus, but it was extremely clunky. Microsoft’s tracking system paves the way for a very eye-catching controller design.

The configuration of the controllers breaks down into two parts: the handle and the circular ring. The handle houses the main buttons including the trigger, joy stick, menu button and trackpad. The circular ring will be used to track the movement through the use of white LED lights, relaying the signal to the headset.

Microsoft is expecting the Windows Mixed Reality VR system will eliminate the need for dedicated “VR rooms,” like the Vive and Oculus required. Those systems used a big elaborate set-up that included the cameras, markers and high-end PC with tons of wires everywhere.

Microsoft’s VR controllers are arriving this holiday season

Microsoft announced the controllers will be paired with an Acer headset for $399 and will be available this holiday season.